Presley enjoying senior season

Presley enjoying senior season


Tri-County Academy senior middle linebacker Brayden Presley said he is determined to finish the season strong and keep playing his hardest.

Presley began playing football for Tri-County Academy in fourth grade, and he started as a middle linebacker in eighth grade after trying every position available.

“My favorite part of playing for Tri-County is my teammates since it’s been the same group of kids the whole time, and I grew up playing with them,” Presley said. “My favorite part of playing middle linebacker is being able to see the whole field and everything that’s going on. I’ve played every position on the football field, but it’s by far my favorite position out of all the ones I’ve played.”

Presley plans to continue playing football at whatever college he decides to attend. He hopes to major engineering and to make a career out of engineering if football does not work out.

Presley said playing as a senior is much different than previous seasons, and while team injuries have made the season more difficult, including his own torn ACL injuries, he and his teammates are pushing through to the end.

“It’s great being a senior,” he said. “We’re making it through this season, and we have some good senior leadership.”

Outside of school and football, Presley enjoys helping his father, a farmer, with standard farm work. He also enjoys hanging out with his friends and just being around people.

His favorites:

• Hobby: Hunting

• Food: Steak

• Movie: “Unbroken”

• Vacation spot: Jamaica

Tri-County Academy Head Coach Philip Wasson said he has coached Presley for the past three years and views him as one of the smartest players on the team.

“Brayden is like a coach out there,” Wasson said. “He plays tough and was crucial through the whole game last week against Columbia Academy, our first-round playoff game.”

Wasson said Tri-County has a large amount of senior leadership, and the team is 10-1. 

“We’re going down to Oak Hill Academy in West Point this Friday,” Wasson said. “Being able to adapt to some injuries among players has been the most challenging part of the season for us. Our players have had to learn different spots and positions.”

Wasson said he believes his team has a shot at the state title and hopes to finish strong.

“We’ve got a great team, and most of our seniors have been on the team for years,” he said. “We hope to win the championship, but we’re going one game at a time.”

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